Omid Bürgin
Composer • Music Producer • Filmmaker

Welcome to the home page of Omid Bürgin. You will find his current agenda, with information about his compositions, films, lectures, and workshops, his biography, awards, and contact information.

Omid has divided his time between composing and researching about world music and his international lectures and workshops at respected Institutions, such as Swiss Audio Engineering Society (AES), University of California at Los Angeles Extension, Harvestworks, Manhattan School of Music, New York University (NYU), Tischmeyer Mastering, Hamburg University, University of Music Franz Liszt among others.

Omid currently lives in China, working as a professional Screenwriter & Filmmaker.


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University of London |
Representations of Guqin in China Today: From Recurrent Nostalgia, Cultural Etiquette o Revival Movemements
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University of Music Franz Liszt |
Transkription und Analyse nicht notierter Musik
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Konfuzius-Institut Erfurt an der FH-Erfurt |
Guqin in Contemporary China
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University of Music Franz Liszt |
UNESCO-Lehrstuhl und die Verbreitung seiner Inhalte weltweit
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