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Making Field recording

Making Field Recording - A Basic Survival Guide In this workshop, Omid Bürgin talks about his experience in a very different job market: Making quality recordings on the field. Omid will share his personal experiences, such as how to make secret recordings of the prohibited flutes, how to coorporate with local spirits and gain their approval crucial for getting access to rituals, closed for the high priests (Xamãs) and or how he needed to learn the sonic meanings, in order to escape jaguar or anaconda attacks in the dense vegetation of the Jungle. The workshop focuses on political, ethical, ethnomusicological issues as well as the technical aspects involved. In the first part of the workshop, working procedures are exposed, such as preliminary research, paper work, and working with federal agencies. The second part focuses on technical setups, especially different microphone techniques involved and how they will translate into a final product.

  • Date: February 21st, 11am - 1pm
  • Place: Berklee College of Music – STUDIO-B